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Magic Phonics

Magic Phonics

SKU: 900000002
-Interactive wooden stamps for learning English.- -Learning English has never been easier and more fun than by stamping the right letter onto the tablet! Magic Phonics belongs to Educo’s range of Connected Learning, combining a physical product with a learning app on a tablet.  Children are guided to learn letters, words and sounds at increasing difficulty levels with immediate audiovisual feedback. Suitable for early learning development of native speakers, and to learn English as a foreign language. - -How does it work?- -- You need the box with 49 connected stamps. These stamps work with the body’s static electricity, which makes them electricity and battery-free. - -- Download the app for free. Compatible with all Ipads, except for Ipad 1, and many Android tablets (Samsung, Lenovo, Asus). The app contains:- -18 sequences to learn phonics step by step- -150 words to work with- -learning activities to develop phonemic awareness, to enrich vocabulary, and to build the fundamentals of writing and reading. - -Magic Phonics is based on the Early Years Foundation stage of the UK curriculum, with a particular emphasis on phases two & three. -
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