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Infant / Toddler 0-3 

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential and for laying the foundation for future academic learning.


Sometimes when we talk about Montessori, we might think about preschool however we should keep in mind that Montessori is not only about schooling but also to understand the best way to promote the overall natural development of the human being.  It is about how we accompany and enable our children and it begins at birth!

"In the first three years of life, the foundations of physical and also of psychic health are laid.  In these years, the child not only increases in size but passes through great transformations.  This is the age in which language and movement develop.  The child must be safeguarded in order that these activities may develop freely. "

Maria Montessori

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There are so many wonderful Montessori ways to enjoy your Infant / Toddler !  Here are some of the ways our material can help you :

Practical Life : these activities help your child develop order, concentration, coordination and independence within a social context

Materials : they are designed to encourage sense of belonging, hand-eye coordination, small motor skills, gross motor skills, order and language acquisition



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