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Whether you are an established Montessori school, creche or workshop or at the beginning of your journey to create one, you will require ongoing careful planning to establish the right environment for the needs of the children who will attend.


If you are just about to set up your Montessori school, some of the factors you will need to consider are finding the right location, selecting qualified teachers, defining your schools mission and values, establishing the curriculum and deciding on what Montessori material and equipment you need to ensure the children experience real life activities.

Montessori World can help guide and accompany you on that new or ongoing journey.  Feel free to contact us for a quote or to explore the feasibility of such a project.


Create a safe, beautiful and inviting environment


Montessori World accept administrative orders for nurseries, town halls and schools.  To conduct an administrative order, we can prepare a quote that can be presented to your town hall. The town hall, which is the paying institution, must return to us this signed / stamped and validated quote by email or by post. Once this validated quote is received, we will send you the ordered materials followed by the invoice to the town hall.


For all administrations or public institutions, you can make this quote request online by downloading the form and returning it to us:


By email :

or by mail to :

Montessori World

441 rue des Valentins

78830 Bullion


In all cases, in order to proceed with the order, the purchase order must be duly dated, signed and stamped to be accepted.

Montessori World accept 30-day administrative payments, with payment by check or bank transfer.

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