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Early Childhood 3-6 

During this period, children become more independent and curious and start to become intensely interested in academic learning where the child can have a central position in The Montessori educational environment.

"So, from the age of three till six, being able to now to tackle his environment deliberately and consciously, he begins a period of real constructiveness."

Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, p.152)


Our materials and activities lay the foundations of your children's personality helping them become more intensely interested in things, moving from concrete to abstract thinking, continuing to excel best through real-life activities that supports independence and a love of learning to mention a few.

  • Practical Life activities : these activities enable your child to develop order, concentration, coordination, independence and social skills

  • Sensorial activities : these materials help your child to grow in perception and understanding that are fundamental for abstraction in thought.

  • Language : the development of your child's spoken, written and reading skills are developed

  • Mathematics : our material leads the child to abstract ideas through concrete objects

  • Biology : our materials help the child to explore living things and other ares of science such as botany and zoology 

  • Geography : Our material and activities gives children an exciting introduction to different cultures and their relationship with their own world.

  • Fine Arts :  Enabling the child's creative abilities



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