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Montessori started as an educational system but has become a lifestyle. It has become a way to raise children, from birth, to allow them to blossom at their own pace, discover their own interests, develop deep concentration, and become independent.


This happens through the creation of a prepared environment at home and/or at school, respect from an adult, and a focus on following the child.


What is Montessori? 

At the turn of the 20th Century, Dr. Maria Montessori set out to study children in poor neighborhoods in Italy. What she discovered has become a parenting and educational revolution that has spread throughout the entire world and has become a gold standard for education. Maria Montessori discovered that children are born with the power to discover, grow, and learn completely on their own. They have the tools within themselves, to become the best person they were meant to be, if they are in the right environment. 

For our family, Montessori has been a journey around how we organize our home and enable our children to grow. It influences many decisions we make as parents and for our children around the architecture of our home, discipline and how we educate our children. It’s an ongoing journey accompanying our children to become exactly who they are supposed to be, at exactly the time they are supposed to be!  Montessori has become a way of life for everybody in our home! 

Who is Montessori World ? 

Welcome to Montessori World!


We are happy and proud to share our passion for Montessori with you, by providing you with the best solutions for the development of your children.


Since 2019, we have been helping parents, directly or through schools, to support child development by providing the materials and know-how necessary to create a personalised, unique and engaging learning environment, promoting the independence of every child. The innovative material we provide is of the highest quality, from design to production. It promotes engaged learning to bring out the best in your children, because Montessori is an education for life !


Slán, À la prochaine, Until next time,

Montessori World

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